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"You Damn..." - Short film
« on: March 05, 2006, 08:00:31 PM »
Hope some of you will be interested in checking out (and hopefully provide feedback) on my new short film "You Damn...!" (english translation, but not really a good title at all). It was shot over the course of a week this last summer, and has been laying dormant on my hard-drive for six months due to lack of music, which I'm glad it did, as I radically changed my perspective on the use of it in the film - letting a lot of it be completely silent (in my opinion to good effect). Now, I know the filesize is huge, but that's just about as small as I managed to get it without severe loss in quality. It's got one dialogue sequence in norwegian, which I've subtitled.

"You Damn...!" - 131 mb


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