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Not a fan, unfortunately. I wanted to like it, but it turned out to be the most humorless episode of Doctor Who there never was. Obviously there were strong elements to it, but it never really seemed sure of what it wanted to be about. For all the criticisms that Nolan has faced in the past for being too cold and emotionless, this film suffered for the opposite. Not all of the family-emotional dynamics were bad, of course, but the fact that they culminated in the whole "ghost behind the bookcase" scenario was a step too far into Spielbergian sentimentality for me. Of course, the clues were there from the get go (the "ghost", who are "they - future humanity obvs, duh) but I think this would have been a much more interesting piece of cinema if it had struck to the realistic science rule that it seemed to start out with - and that much of the marketing of this was based around. But from the moment MM survived the attack by MD it was obvious this was going to do a big 180 from a true sci fi experience into a bonafide "crowdpleasing" blockbuster. Disappointing.


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Spoiling stuff:

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