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favourite scores
« on: July 30, 2005, 03:06:20 AM »
i saw the best movie soundtracks thread, but most people were just mentioning their favourite compilation soundtracks. this thread is just for discussing film scores. my bad if there’s already a thread for this, missed it. heres my top five:

1. edward scissorhands (Elfman)
one of elfman’s few scores (perhaps the only effective one) that balances the best of both the quirkiness and the thematic sides of elfman’s style. its the most remarkable listening experience of any album, with its ability to tell a story in and of itself without the use of vocals. And it has more heart than any other piece of music I've ever heard.

2. sommersby (elfman)
the movie didnt deserve this score. sommersby remains as Elfmans most unique dramatic score. it surpasses all of his more recent efforts in its genuine sensitivity and heart. It sums up what’s been lost after elfman’s astray from his classically influenced, fully-orchestral scores before experimenting with a more minimalist, electronic sound. Its a shame.

3. princess mononoke (Hisaishi)
beautiful, atmospheric music that sets the mood for the film perfectly. its dark and sinister with elements of lighter, touching themes. its also the score to the greatest animated film of all time.

4. Magnolia (brion)
i think it’s been discussed enough The highlight for me is the So Now Then suite.

5. schindlers list (williams)
one of the few john williams scores Ican listen to outside the context of the film, however I dont think I would appreciate it anywhere near as much without having seen the film.without a doubt william’s most chilling score

other favourites:
ghost and mrs muir (herrmann's best)
mulholland drive
spirited away
black beauty
empire strikes Back


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favourite scores
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2005, 07:47:00 AM »
grave of the fireflies score by mamiya is heartbreakingly beautiful.
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