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on: February 19, 2005, 06:50:00 PM
plot outline, stolen from IMDB:
Four children are forced to rely on one another after they are abandoned by their mother.

I saw this last friday, it was a great film.  It's about four kids in Tokyo with the same mother but all different fathers, and only one of the four has a birth certificate, being abandoned by their childishly neurotic mother, and having to fend off on their own.  It's a very quiet, unsentimental (in a conventional sense) movie.  It's ozu-slow, and has that old-skool naturalistic quality to the film.  My favorite thing about it is how it captures a lot of these childhood moments that I've never seen captured (or captured like that in other films), there's something totally truffaut about these moments, though it's a bit more class conscious in this picture.
It's totally a profound and soulful movie, check it out.

ebert's review
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