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Has Anyone listened to the Exorcist commentary?

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on: March 06, 2003, 12:10:18 PM
Complet garbage.  Williem Friedkin just tells the story as we are watching it unfold.  He talks to the audience like we didn't understand the most basic aspects of the plot like "Ellen Burstyn is now walking home.  She tells her driver that she would perfer to walk".  The whole commentary is like that.  He tells us what the characters are saying.  We already know what they ar saying because we can hear them.

Now this is the DVD "Version you have never seen before".  I know there is the other version with a different commentary (correct me if I am wrong).  

Has anyone listened to this other commentary?  Is it better/worse/the same?

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Reply #1 on: March 06, 2003, 04:04:44 PM
Quote from: THC
Now this is the DVD "Version you have never seen before".  I know there is the other version with a different commentary (correct me if I am wrong).

The 25th Anniversary edition has different commentaries. From DVDFile's review:

There are two separate screen-specific audio commentaries, one with Friedkin as well as another with Blatty that also features sound effects tests. Both are quite good, and between the documentary and the commentaries, there is nary a fact or story left unturned. Blatty of course concentrates more on the genesis of the story, the characters and the spiritual dimensions, but Friedkin is no slouch, either, though he has far more production anecdotes to share. Since both these tracks were recorded before The Version You've Never Seen was even created, you can still sense the palpable tension in the air during these tracks when some of the then-differences between Blatty and Friedkin's visions are discussed.

The only major new supplement [for The Version You've Never Seen] is a brand-new screen specific audio commentary with William Friedkin (oddly Mr. Blatty is not involved, as he championed this new cut for years.) At first, I was excited by this new commentary, because even though I'm partial to the original version, I really wanted to hear what Friedkin had to say about the changes. However, this track is more of a radio play than anything else (not a bad idea, actually!), with Friedkin mainy narrating the online action and never once really discussing in any depth the differences between the two cuts nor his feelings about them. While Friedkin's voice can be suitably creepy, admittedly after an hour of him reading me the story happening onscreen, I wondered if this should perhaps be called a read-along more than anything else. Certainly, the two commentaries on the 25th Anniversary Edition are superior to this track.
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