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Post a few of your favorite posters.


phil marlowe:
Punch-Drunk Love.

follow directions, phil...

anyways, i personally can't stand a movie poster that simply shows the actors from the film. they can at least try to have some sort of artistic meaning going on if they're going to do that. like the ghost world poster - two kids surrounded my nothing, seemingly lost & with nowhere to go. or like about schmidt - the rain cloud is obvious. posters like that l.a. confidential one suck ass. the worst examply i can point out, however, is the poster for what women want. jesus that poster is horrible.

anyways, some goodies.

and cbrad4d...why exactly do you like the l.a. confidential poster anyways? it is pretty bland, if i say so.

phil marlowe:

--- Quote from: cbrad4d ---Post a few of your favorite posters.
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--- Quote from: Phil Marlowe ---Punch-Drunk Love.
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--- Quote from: snaporaz ---follow directions, phil...
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I think Phil Marlowe is my favourite poster.

u really think its bland? wow I think the exact opposite, very reminiscent of the classic film noirs.


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