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Wishful Thinking or: ‘OK, I Could’ve Done Better Than That…’

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There always have been and always will be films that, when they’re over, you simply just have to say: “That sucked. I could’ve made that movie so much better.”
     Hey, I’ll hand it to you, that movie probably did suck, because most movies do. But I won’t hand it off to you and admit that you, me, or anyone else could’ve done better. 95% of the time, we probably would’ve made something just as crappy; maybe just on a different level, though. But, really now, what were those movies and instead of putting yourself in the director’s chair at first chance, what other ‘established’ director’s would you have put in the original filmmakers place? Personally, I would have put…

-David Fincher or Guillermo Del Toro in charge of the “Batman” series after Tim Burton departed. While the first two in the series were, by no means, award-winning pieces of originality, they were some of the best comic adaptations to date (and the first “Batman” is still in the top three). The first two films reveled in the dark, atmospheric world of Gotham city and created some very memorable moments and characters. Of course, as it happens with film series these days, the original director departs. So, out with Tim Burton and enter Joel Schumacher. “Forever” wasn’t totally unwatchable, but it certainly didn’t have the same feel or appeal of the first two. Then there was “Batman and Robin,” which was totally unappealing and unwatchable. Now, I’m sure it also had something to do with the entrance of new actor’s, but the films ‘feeling’ was very much a part of Schumacher’s style…and that feeling was regret, because why did we spend money to see that? So, rewind to the departure of Burton, and let’s take a look at Fincher and Del Toro. Both of these filmmakers have a dark and stylistic sense pretty similar to Burton. While not as ‘out there’ as Burton may be, I believe both of those director’s could have brought a dark and more foreboding feel to the following two films. After all, Batman’s whole creation was based on revenge.

     Anyway, there you have the Batman spiel, and hopefully you have the point, as well. So other films that I would’ve enjoyed seeing get tackled by other, more qualified filmmakers, would be…

-Lars von Trier in for Stephen Frears on “Mary Reilly.” Pre-Dogme 95 Trier made some beautifully moody pictures with “The Element of Crime” and “Europa.” I think he could’ve brought a little more style and substance to the picture, as well as making better casting choices than Julia Roberts as the title character.

-“Meet Joe Black” could’ve been an interesting remake for studying character bonds, love, and the supernatural; however, Martin Brest seemed more intent on studying awkward pauses. Bring in a more passionate director, such as Sam Mendes or Frank Darabont and I think the film would’ve amounted to so much more. Mendes could’ve brought a slightly abstract sensibility to the proceedings, while never losing touch with the characters. On the other hand, Darabont would flourish in the long running time while developing the characters and their relationships throughout.

-Antoine Fuqua out on “Training Day,” and bring Spike Lee in. Lee could’ve conveyed just as much style as Fuqua, but a much more needed sense of grit and grime, as well. Think “25th Hour,” but instead of focusing on the criminal, he’s focusing on the cops. He could’ve brought in a much more challenging ending, as well as a bit more urban sensibility to the setting.

     Everyone else's choice(s)?


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Could this be the best first post ever?  I think it could be.  Reminds me of this thread.

I would have liked to see Sidney Lumet direct Bamboozled.  Oh wait, he already did ... when it was called Network.  Vanilla Sky also comes to mind, only because Crowe fucked it up so much from both its original, and from what he wanted it to be about according to the trailer.  Don't know who could have done it justice, but I figure, what the hell, I could make the movie Crowe wished he made.  That is, if trailers are any indication of what the filmmaker is aiming for.  Sometimes they are, sometimes they're not.

I'm struggling to think of anything else off the top of my head.  I think bringing Spike Lee in to direct Training Day is your best idea.  He would have brought something unique to that.  When he isn't bitching about racism-this-and-that he's such a good filmmaker.  25th Hour proved that.


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I'm a big Spike Lee fan, but I wish one day he would go off and do a real genre picture.  Drop the issues, use that technique, and go to town.


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No way. Spike Lee is the man the way he is, you take away his schtick you take his powers.
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I think I coulda made dumbo better.
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If a film is bad, I never dwell on it. What's the use? I try never to think in the veins of "What if that director...?". The exeption being the Star Wars prequels, really because anyone could've done it better.


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i coulda done something with magnolia. it was so fucking long, and those god damn frogs...