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Israeli Cinema
« on: October 27, 2004, 11:03:53 AM »
I saw my first Israeli film yesterday, The Fox in the Chicken Coop, which was pretty funny.


Amitz Dolniker is a windbag politician whose heart is in the right place.  During a speech to some laborers, which culminates in the laborers arguing with him, Dolniker has a stroke, and he and his secretary Ze'ev go to a secluded village, Mount Cumin, as a vacation.  Here there is no electricity, no running water, and the currency is cumin, which grows in the nearby fields.  No hierarchies of leadership or government exist here; everyone lives happily in harmony.

The strange thing about the town is the main characters look exactly like people in Dolniker's life in the city, so he is surprised to see these people here.  After seeing that there is no system of government in place here, he decides that the barber, who takes the list of items to be bought to the truck driver, is the "de facto head" of the town and gives him a horse-drawn carriage.  As soon as Dolniker introduces politics and leadership into the town jealousies and corruption abound.

The Fox in the Chicken Coop drags a little in the middle, and the way the film ends is disappointing, but it is a very funny farce.


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