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HOT SNAKES ~ Audit In Progress
« on: October 03, 2004, 10:43:21 AM »
Another gem. Ex-Drive Like Jehu members let Gar play and Mario joins his 6th SD band this year after Jason "mystery boy" Kourkounis leaves for the darker pastures of Burning Brides.

A different record indeed from the past and from the last. Braintrust and Hi-Lites mix together like gasoline and matches. Bouncing blasts of downstroke ferociousness and explosive tom-work on Retrofit make you think you were back in 1994 getting the Yank Crime cover tattooed on your f*cking back. Rick's voice shreds, leaving blood and throat residue on your speakers.

Rick Froberg
John Reis
Gar Wood (complete with insulin)
Mario Rubalcaba
Good Lord

Those who were fans before will be calling their cousins and new fans will put their fingers in fans to get punishment they deserve for ignoring these guys for so long.

Short tour is going on right now, I went Friday October 1st with a girl who flew in from Australia to see this live phenomenon that is the HOT SNAKES. Go to to get full tour details. A more well-rounded tour will be fleshed out in the coming year so don't fret if they're passing you by. Bate your breath, precious.

Audit In Progress is available TODAY from where Petey X takes your order and sends along stickers to tag your city with. In stores Tuesday.

Once you hear Hatchet Job you'll be asking me my address so you can send cards thanking me.

Over and way the f*ck out.


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