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Youngblood Brass Band
« on: June 21, 2004, 07:01:00 PM »
Didn't find a topic for these guys...

Heard them on NPR about a week ago and have been hooked since.

They have this incredible Sousaphone player who is like the Rahzel of Tuba.

All brass and drums... they have occasional guest rappers and DJs and can pull the hip-hop thing off really well, but also have some great poppy brass dance music.

Nate, the Tuba-ist (?) has recently left the band, so they may not be as good as what I'm listening to anymore.

If you've heard them...opinions?

If you haven't, check them out you can download a few MP3s off the site.  Be sure to check out "Nate McCavish Handbills For No One" and the hip-hop tracks like "Diaspora"


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