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on: February 27, 2003, 11:51:52 AM
Jim Morrison the godfather of new wave? I'll have to let that one sit for a while. heh.

My favorite saddlecreek acts:

anything Conor O'berst. He's bigger than indie now, but hey, let's be honest, better than most stuff out there.

The Good Life / Cursive - once again, anything Tim Kasher (sp?) does is great. though I  don't know which i like better.

Sorry About Dresden - Conor's older bro. an ok album, but some songs are just amazing. it has its moments.

and the Faint - ignore their first album, it's indie rock and it didn't suit them. the second two are pretty amazing, though. very goth neo synthpop newwave....yeah.

I can't remember any others.
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