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Weird. Oh

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Just something I wrote at 6 am after thinking about life
« on: April 21, 2004, 02:26:39 AM »
I'm by no means a film student or anything remotely resembling one (I'm a history major. I just really love cinema and have for about a year now. I always wanted to make movies since I was like 10 when me and my friends screwed around with his camcorder. Then in high school I made a film with my friends for english class about characters from the novel "the Crucible" playing Jeopardy with Satan as the host. (we didn't do a lot of drugs :wink:). A lot of people thought it was great and it made me want to do a more detailed film. (sorry if that was too much of an intro).

One night of many with insomnia for me I was thought about the monotony of every day life and how it can be depressing. So I thought I try to write something. So I doubt this is in the correct format but I was wondering if anyone thinks it has potential at all. I would give a synopsis if anyone wants it but this is what I have so far.

Act I Characters:

Thomas Lehaner: Tom is in his mid 30ís. He has a very unkempt appearance about him. He always looks like he rolled out of bed. He always has a defeated look on his face and never really smiles genuinely. He hates his life and his job. He feels he is alone in the world.

Sarah: Sarah was the only girl Tom was friends with when he was in college. She saw something in Tom that made her feel bad for him but she still cared for him. Ultimately she dies which is later revealed and Tom never really told her he loved her and thought about her constantly. She is a free spirited brunette with her hair shoulder length and blue eyes, She always has a blue ribbon in her hair.

Act 1

Scene 1

Location;Fade In: (ES) Long Shot of Museum

[Voice Over]  Tom .: Fridays are always the worst. For most people, Fridays are the best. They get to leave work and go out and socialize. For me, Fridays are the worst. Fridays are the days when the High School kids come to tour the museum.

Penetrating medium shot through museum doors. Continue up to an office door which has Thomas Lahaner name plate on the door. Camera stays on the door until it is opened by Tom.

[Voice Over] (inner monologue) Tom:
Oh god. (A group of old women is shown). Today must be senior day.  Pan to sign which shows calendar and big circle around ď60ís and over, relive the 60ísĒ.

Scene 2:
Location: Bus

Tom is looking very mellon collie as he stares out the window.

[Voice Over] Tom (inner monologue): Every day seems to be a replica of the one before it. I wake up. (Cut to a montage of Tomís activities.) I donít expect things to change. Itís not like I try to do anything differently.

Scene 3:
Location: Tomís home

Tom walks up to door. Tom fumbles through his pants pocket. He realizes there is a hole in his pocket and his keys have apparently fallen out. Tom lifts his ďThe Buck Stops HereĒ doormat and gets a spare key out. Tomís home is very modest Opens door.  There are magazines everywhere. Smithsonian , Scientific American, etc. Tom plops his briefcase down and looks at his answering machine. No messages.

A montage of Tomís nightly activities which includes watching re-runs on Nick at Nite, masturbating to a Victoriaís Secret catalog and finally sitting in bed reading magazines.

Cut to a dream sequence.

The setting is in a bar with tom and a semi attractive woman. Tom is sitting within a foot of the attractive women.

Tom: You are so beautiful. How come you arenít with a date?
Woman: because honey, when the lights go out, they rather be talking to George Washington than Dolly Madison.

Cut to Tom waking up abruptly. He looks horrified at the notion of his dreams. Camera shows a magazine on the table about presidential firsts. Tom rolls back to sleep which brings us to the next day.

Tom Wakes up and does his daily routine. He gets dressed, showers etc. Walks out the door and catches the bus.
Scene 4

Location: Bus

A young girl in her 20ís with no bra on and a grey T-shirt that says ďWe donít stand a chance unless given a choiceĒ walks by. She is a lesbian to the stereotype. Tom watches her out of the corner of his so as to not be obvious. He follows her until she takes a seat behind him.

Tom starts to daydream;

(Voice Over)  Tom:
I could never get a girl like that. They are so free spirited. She looks like Sarah almost.

Location: Flashback to Tomís college days. We are at what looks like a small gathering of people a few girls and a few guys in a very retro looking house.

Sarah (Talking to another girl on a couch):You know, I never understand why I canít get a boyfriend. Itís not like I donít have a great personality and a nice ass.  

Tom walks into the room and reluctantly hugs Sarah.

Hey Tom! Where have you been?

Tom (in a reserved, hesitant manner):
Eh, well, umm, I kinda was, uh, studying for my History of U.S. Military conflicts class.

Sarah (Turned off from the topic):
Oh, wellÖ..Itís great to say you again.

Yeah, Itís good to see you again.

Tom sits down on the sofa next to Sarah and her friend. He is hunched over with no confidence and feels very out of place. Sarah talks to her friend momentarily then turns her body towards Tom.

Sarah (Imitating a news reporter);
So Mr. Lahaner, how do you feel about the verdict? (giggles while saying this)

I see your practicing to be Barbara Walters again.

Sarah: (smiling)
Tom, you know youíre such a tight ass.

Cut back to present time. Tom is startled by an overweight black woman who bumps into him as sheís exiting the bus. Tom sits up and realizes his stop is next. Tom stands up and gets ready to exit the bus.
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Just something I wrote at 6 am after thinking about life
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2004, 10:39:15 PM »
mellon collie

i had a mellon collie once, he got hit by a car.  the street smelled like rotten fruit for weeks
let me pour my heart out to you strangers.
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Weird. Oh

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Just something I wrote at 6 am after thinking about life
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2004, 01:42:49 AM »
Tell that to the Smashing Pumpkins!  :(
The more arguments you win, the fewer friends you will have.


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