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Short film Monterey California area
« on: April 13, 2004, 06:31:59 PM »
Wanna work or be in my movie ?

It will be in the Bay Area of Monterey California.

So I知 starting preproduction on my short, 30 min approx.  I知 working on my casting call which I値l be posting all over town and some other net sources and of course here.

Also looking for a cinematographer tentatively we値l be using the XL1 and GL1. I値l start work on production schedule. I estimate we can pull it off in 30 shooting days for pick ups and all also because we all know how working around day jobs can be.

I値l also be working on the budgeting. I still have to find out how much money I値l have available.

A bit is saved up from some extra financial aid hi. hi. hi. Hey it痴 either that a trip to Europe alone or a used pimp looking car. There are also some potential investors. Like maybe you? Or if I get an extra 10,000 from one of those scriptwhore competitions or something we池e in business baby!    

So if you wanna jump along you値l get paid not much butt you値l have fun or at least get a laugh at me making an ass of myself. I知 still contemplating the possibility of the old 5 bucks and a hand job if it boils down to that in getting people.

Anyrate that痴 that.

Stay toned for the casting call.

Let me know if you壇 like to read the script.

were spinning


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