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Why I Love Movies

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on: December 21, 2003, 01:22:56 AM
To counterbalance the Overrated Directors topic, here's a thread to talk about why you love movies, what movies you love, whatever so we can get into the Christmas spirit about movies.

Let's see...I realized the other day that nothing beats sitting in a theater with a crowd ready to love the movie their about to see. When I saw ROTK, that was definitely a great theater experience. Kill Bill and Pirates of the Caribbean rank up there as well because I went and just had so much fun sitting in a damn seat for about 2 hours. You could tell that the people who made them love film as much as you do, and just wanted to have fun with it.

The movie I'm absolutely in love with now is About Schmidt. I saw it in theaters by myself, thought it was ok, bought the dvd, watched it with friends, and now I love it. I've never seen a movie capture a man's sadness and depressing events with such a lightheart. Alexander Payne is one of the quieter filmmakers, and those are the ones I really enjoy. I get sick of special effects and blue screen and all that garbage because if you don't have characters to enjoy then you have nothing. Schmidt is all genius and I love how it's basically the first time Jack Nicholson has a wife that is age-appropriate to him, instead of 30 years younger. I've made it a goal of mine to try to include "After my hysterectomy..." into my conversations at least once a week  :lol:

So, what things about movies keep you going to see them?