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The Squid and the Whale

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this seems like it can be a good flick. Written and Directed by Noah Baumbach, produced by Wes Anderson, starring Bill Murray, Laura Linney and John Turterro.

I heard the script is floating around somewhere. Does anybody know where i can find it?

Yeah, it's definately going to be a great flick in the good old Wes-style.  :-D &  :(
But I'm still wondering why Wes isn't involved in the Owen Brothers' directorial debut "The Wendell Baker Story".

here is a link to the trailer

i'm sure a quicktime version will be out soon, but we'll have to take this for now

who knows the song at the end of the trailer?


--- Quote from: Ultrahip Lobster Supper ---who knows the song at the end of the trailer?
--- End quote ---

it's "the swimming song" by loudon wainwright III

and the second song in the trailer is "lets go" by the feelies


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