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Reply #1590 on: August 07, 2019, 12:17:43 AM
Translator for sure important.


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Reply #1591 on: August 09, 2019, 12:38:17 PM
Finished Asimov'z FOUNDATION saga. A handful of books, but they whiz past you, the prose is especially sweet and cutting if you're used to reading more verbose authors like GRRM. I see slices of The Wheel of Time in Foundation. can't even begin to break this series down, it manages to address Atomic Age paranoia with the political lyricism and world-building of Ursula K Le Guin, include as many characters as ASOIAF, if not more, and yet, of course, only Asimov could weave the science into the fiction the way it's presented here.

If you're looking to scratch a Fantasy/Sci-Fi itch, the first book will probably hook you for at least two more (it was originally a trilogy). And then after that I read Invisible Monsters Remix, which is like playing a remastered record you love. I knew what I was getting into, and the new passages added enough dimension to a story I already adored that I can say, I think, the remix is the definitive version of Palahniuk's first novel. I dream of adapting this novel into a film.

And now, I'm dipping into the waters of I Ching, The Book of Change, as my leisure reading between legal/copyright texts for work. Really want to write about Jung + Pasolini + I Ching + Suspiria + Capitalist Realism, which all defo form a helix of organized chaos, but I lost all my notes on Suspiria 2018+Capitalist Realism when my macbook died earlier this month. I guess I ought to reread Capitalist Realism and take the notes all over again! Onward!