Author Topic: apacolypse now and hearts of darkness  (Read 870 times)

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apacolypse now and hearts of darkness
« on: September 07, 2003, 10:45:51 PM »
im taking some courses in school this year with a teacher who i had last year for film studies in which we watched apacolypse now. i dont know what i thought of the movie as a whole, but i personally loved the filiming of the making of the movie a lot better...i think the documentary filmed by the directors wife (brainfart...cant remember their names) hearts of darkness i think it was called, was a bit more interesting than the movie itself. i feel like, at my age, im at an advantage having already seen and learned so much about the movie...and the extent it took to make. i think that is one of the greatest movies of all time, but my personal list would be very, very long. i also think that the use of the song by the doors, the end, was so awesomely just completed the film. although i wish i had seen it in the comfort of a couch, and not in a hard desk chair with twenty other kids.

did anyone else here really like that movie? i did find it hard not  to laugh when martin sheen put his fist through that mirror for no reason in the beginning though...i thought that was a perfectly good waste of a mental breakdown (which was real by the way, he wasnt acting, he was just retardedly drunk...) it kind of just made me want to shoot myself out of embarassment for him...drooling all over the place. ew.

i love so many movies...but i cant go on ill end up talking forever...haha
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apacolypse now and hearts of darkness
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2003, 12:16:52 AM »

(So its come to this.  My first redirect.  This is the end...)


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apacolypse now and hearts of darkness
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2003, 12:40:27 AM »
weird i just posted how that film killed his career and its been downhill ever since

allthough he got work with diane lane in her prime so yeah maybe i do want to strangle him since she is my all time fav actresss ever

and vodka for a certain generation that film meant a lot to people, people our age cant understand it

but rent the Wild Life a cameron crowe film, this kid is obsessed with that film and his hero in real life is a nam vet played by randy quaid in a non comedic role

the film was funny but like all great 80's comedys it had it's seriouse moments


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