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Re: Paul newman
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Source: WENN

Veteran actor PAUL NEWMAN is in negotiations to reunite with his BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID co-star ROBERT REDFORD for the last film of his illustrious career.

The pair, who have not worked together since 1973, are collaborating on a new project which may entice Newman to return to the big screen in his first major movie role in four years.

Despite lending his voice to animated hit CARS, which is currently top of the US box office, Newman has kept a relatively low profile since ROAD TO PERDITION, and recently revealed he only has one film left in him.

But the 81-year-old hopes his swan song will see him re-team with Redford, revealing, "(We're) working on something but it's not by any means a slam-dunk.

"(It has to be) either a wonderful character in a wonderful film or a character that was acceptable in a film with some social content." Redford jokes, "The real question is whether he can remember his lines or not."
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