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does anyone else agree...
« Reply #15 on: August 03, 2003, 03:36:17 AM »
I definately feel that 'Punch-Drunk Love' is Paul's best picture yet. I feel it accomplished way more in entertainment & enlightenment in its 90 min running time than 'Magnolia' did in its 3 hour time. And its better than 'Boogie Nights' and 'Hard Eight' so hence my answer. God knows what he's got up his sleeve next....
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does anyone else agree...
« Reply #16 on: August 03, 2003, 11:19:22 PM »
PDL is so concise that all audience can and should enjoy it.  Although I know some people who don't, and they are just not fans of movies...PDL has that charm that Amelie had.  I compare the two, only because I get the same happy vibe from them both.

PDL always makes me happy and violent, and never seems to fail.  PTA's other films were indepth masterpieces, but they didn't change how I was feeling.
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does anyone else agree...
« Reply #17 on: August 04, 2003, 01:19:13 AM »
That was the thing I noticed most about PDL. The emotional investment I had made, literally left me empty at the end of the movie. I had put so much into the film that when it ended, I was like a shell: I had nothing left to give.

Although I think in many respects that Magnolia is a better picture, it doesn't render me emotionally void in the same way that Punch-Drunk Love can.
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does anyone else agree...
« Reply #18 on: August 04, 2003, 10:01:24 AM »
In order of personal preference, after viewing them all several times:

1. Boogie Nights
2. Punch-Drunk Love
3. Hard Eight
4. Magnolia

Punch-Drunk is really really great.  I wish he would've done a commentary.  It would give me an excuse to watch it more than I already do.

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does anyone else agree...
« Reply #19 on: August 04, 2003, 10:06:46 AM »
1) Punch Drunk Love
2) Hard Eight
3) Boogie Nights
4) Magnolia

Right there with you on the PDL commentary man.  Even though he said he wanted the movie to speak for itself, I still would have liked him to talk about making the movie and what it was like to work with Sandler and Hoffman.
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