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Jeremy Blackman:
Post your 1999 lists! For nostalgia, if nothing else.

Here's mine.

1. Magnolia
2. Eyes Wide Shut
3. Fight Club
4. Titus
5. Being John Malkovich
6. All About My Mother
7. Run Lola Run
8. American Beauty
9. Princess Mononoke
10. Three Kings

11th place:

The Limey
American Movie
Red Violin
The Insider
Bringing Out the Dead
The War Zone
The Sixth Sense
Blair Witch Project
Sweet and Lowdown
Boys Don't Cry
The Dreamlife of Angels

phil marlowe:
1) Magnolia
2) American Beauty
3) Beeing John Malkovich
4) Eyes Wide Shut
5) The Talented Mr. Ripley
6) The Straight Story
7) All Abot My Mother
8) Warzone
9) Three Kings
10) The Limey

Duck Sauce:
Aww, the good ol days.

1. Fight Club
 2. Eyes Wide Shut
 3. American Beauty
 4. Magnolia
 5. The Matrix
 6. Being John Malkovich
 7. The Insider
 8. Bringing Out The Dead
 9. Election
10. The Straight Story

Worst films of that year: Wild Wild West and The Haunting

phil marlowe:

--- Quote from: MacGuffin ---Worst films of that year: Wild Wild West and The Haunting
--- End quote ---

No, it was this one:


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