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Reply #90 on: June 04, 2018, 09:30:51 PM
oh i remembered my last thing in terms of now

there are 2 movies i've seen this year

1 Black Panther
2 Donít Worry, He Wonít Get Far On Foot. i saw it in some screening room on Wilshire. it was weird, four of us were in this small theater with leather seats, i was with one person, Mark Olsen was another person, the fourth person i didn't know. so that was a special unusual circumstance and still i thought the movie was just okay. it's what they say: an AA meeting as a movie. the theme of perseverance through life obstacles is important, and i personally adored its appreciation for dark humor, but the movie felt flat and only later did i remember that Van Sant often goes flat, i forgot to mention Phoenix is at peak sure, Jonah Hill is solid sure, the movie disappointed me but also i'm being hard on it.