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the latest michael penn news
« on: January 21, 2003, 07:53:03 PM »
here is the latest. As far as I know the album I made with Liz Phair has been put on the shelf as she has gone back in the studio with Matrix (a songwriting/production team with a VERY different aesthetic...oh well). I am off to the Slamdance Film festival in Utah this weekend for the premier of Melvin Goes To Dinner. This is the film I just scored. Then it's back home for work on my next record. I'm still hoping for a summer release. There is info on the film at as well as I will be releasing the soundtrack, at least on a limited basis, very soon. Remind me and I will get you a sample for the list ahead of time. The web site is still not up but it is being worked on. It will be up and running in time for the next record but I doubt before.
I hope this finds you well and in a very happy new year.

- mp

the website he refers to is the new and improved


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