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talk about yo experiences with your first real....
« on: June 02, 2003, 11:04:57 PM »
I thought Id make this thread to discuss your experiences anyone has had working on their first REAL film. What I mean by real is, a professionally run set with a crew,ect. Make sure you list all the equipment you used and how the finished product turned out!

Ill go first.

My first short film was... Money. Bag. Now.

We used...
5 Cannon GL-2's
5 Manfroto Tripods
2 Lighting Kits (forgot the name)
1 Playback Monitor
And LOTS of other equipment!
I had an editor who cut it together on Final Cut Pro.

I had a crew of about 9 people. Not including the two actors.
I wrote and directed the project.

The short film turned out good, my family and friends liked it allot. I spent about 150 dollars total for everything which was extremely good, considering I had over 15,000 dollars worth of equipment, which I got for free from my video pro department at school. Most of that money went to paying the gas station manager for the hours we spent shooting there. We shot from 9 pm to about 5 am in the morning at this station. My crew worked for free completely which I was very thankful for, my DP and Producer were experienced and helped me out tremendously.

The short is lined up for its first festival screening very soon.
The film won me $12,500 dollars (3rd place) in the art institute contest which I entered a few months ago.
That's about all the success I've had so far with it. I plan on shooting and completing a short this summer before I begin college in October.

I wanna do somthin like Ghostboy is doing soon, and get my short up for sale on Xixax if anyone is interested. (I'd help with funding for my next short which will be expensive!)

The only downside I had with the project was this. On my way to see the the finished project, I had to drive to my editors loft apartment which was in downtown Atlanta. I got lost completely for about 2 hours then I later hit a Expedition in the one of the worst ghettos in ATL. Did about 1,300 worth of damage to my truck and my insurance has tripled! Ahhhh! Lol



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