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I just saw the movie/film "Blue Velvet"

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It was boring. :(

I'm still gonna watch the rest of his stuff though. :(

is blue velvet the only lynch film youve seen?

its good that youre not writing him off so easily

wow. i thought blue velvet was probably my favorite lynch film, although im not a big fan.

It's hard for me to imagine finding it boring. I think it's rich, strange, and riveting.

Gold Trumpet:
I'm one of the few people here who really doesn't like this film. I wouldn't call it boring, but I would say it was rather too tidy ala movie land for my own satisfaction. It took quite a devastating topic and dragged it along a plot that only brings it to a element for another story, and an element that does no justice to the severity of the topic. I kept feeling I was watching another Hitchcock movie where some sort of disorder or situation was rounded up into a typical genre with typical results and not really searched anything of interest at all. I wish Lynch would have made this film around the time of Mulholland Dr. because I believe he has grown immensely since Blue Velvet and the results would have been much different.



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