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children with angels:
"Life is so beautiful - every breath, every day of our lives... ahhhh: fishing."

I only discovered this programme fairly recently - considering it was made in 92 - on a visit to Canada, and I think it is one of the greatest television shows I've ever seen...! So so funny, so surreal, so beautiful. Any show that features John Lurie interviewing a nautious Tom Waits, hunting shark with Jim Jarmusch, doing a "fish dance" with Matt Dillon, dying of exposure with Willhelm Dafoe and searching for the legendary giant squid with Dennis Hopper is okay in my book. And that voice-over man: "John and Jim awake early the next morning, each covered in sores and boners..."

This is such a rare gem of a programme - it makes me happy just to be alive. Nothing can be wrong when watching this show - watching such cool people being so silly and having so much fun in such wonderful places. I love it...

Any fans out there...?

Yeah... loved that show... if you can call it that... it was what?  six episodes long?  The good ones never last.

children with angels:
Yeah, just six episodes - but six episodes of PURE JOY...! Actually, on the DVD commentary John Lurie speaks about the possibility of another series (you can tell how much he misses it when he's watching the show). He mentions two people who would just be so goddamn wonderful to see on the show, who he claims he's spoken with about the possiblity... Vincent Gallo (joy!), and - and, wait for it.......... J.D Salinger...! I'm sure he must be lying though, he must be: there is no way Salinger would agree to do a TV show - he doesn't even leave his cabin these days. It's gotta be an elaborate joke... But just imagine...!

The theme song was so damn catchy and would get stuck in your head.


--- Quote from: mogwai ---You guys seem to have a lot of love for that show, I've not seen it but I have to buy it on DVD now. Thanks.
--- End quote ---

...and I'll have to finally sit down and watch the DVD I've owned for months now (purchased on a Criterion binge... I'm slowly but surely making my way through all of them. Trying to work chronologically, like a good film geek, which puts Fishing later rather than sooner).


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