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Reply #15 on: June 04, 2019, 03:40:24 PM
It's a fun movie. The clipesque/derivative aesthetic is not something I appreciate, but: it's nice to watch. It represents clips/other movies more than the director's sense of reality/experience (Eighth Grade is a great movie and does exactly that).
There is a very fake movie argument coming at the perfect movie time but the wrong story time in this movie/movie that does absolutely nothing to me—and the music didn't help—which illustrates my issues. But you want to watch it with friends, eating crap (not literal crap but you do you).

50% of the jokes come from Twitter, but there was a movie I hated whose name I forgot  that had all his jokes coming from Twitter. Booksmart has some life.

 But I can see movies like that being released as 15 minutes episodes on YouTube in the future. It would defeat the purpose of watching it with friends—but, hey, we'll exchange tweets.
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