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Do you guys still watch trailers for movies you're already anticipating?

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I've sort of stopped watching trailers for movies that I'm planning on watching anyway. I may have read the premise beforehand or known who the director and lead actor/s is, but I like going in fresh when I watch a movie these days. It only adds to the experience.


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I actually still appreciate being primed for the movie, in a certain way. It’s tough to describe, but it feels like it’s easier to connect to the film right from the start if I have some expectation of it going in.
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Trailers for life, homey

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For sure, I try and avoid just about everything in the lead up to a movie I want to see. I'll only watch a trailer for something I'm on the fence about, or something I want to dunk on like Aladdin or Loqueesha.

I remember going to see No Country and the CMBB trailer came on, I straight up ran out of the theater until it was over.


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At some point, I watched nothing and movies seemed to come out of nowhere—which was weird...But movies still come out of nowhere now that I'm watching them again, so maybe I'm getting old or the industry is insane. (Godzilla 2 with the Stranger Things girl. It exists? What?)

If I'm really, really excited for a movie I try not to watch the trailer.


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I kinda view trailers as a sort of marketing art form at this point. Some of them are just so well made nowadays (LucasFilm hem hem). That said I don't think you should ever release more than 1 teaser and 1 theatrical. After that I usually won't watch any more footage.
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