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The Dead Don't Die

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on: July 30, 2018, 09:52:31 PM
Previously an unrelated 1975 tv movie directed by Curtis Harington, written by Robert Bloch, with the synopsis "In the 1930s, a sailor trying to prove that his brother was wrongly executed for murder finds himself becoming drawn in the occult world."

Currently an upcoming Jim Jarmusch movie. i previously posted about available set photos.

I'm starting this topic because amid the set photos the names Daniel Craig and Rosie Perez were ignored by me.

The current announced cast is:

Adam Driver as Officer Peterson
Bill Murray as Robertson
Selena Gomez
ChloŽ Sevigny
Austin Butler
Daniel Craig
Rosie Perez
Steve Buscemi
Tilda Swinton
Caleb Landry Jones

It's with Focus Features, no release date yet


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Reply #1 on: July 31, 2018, 08:03:37 PM
oh and you know what, simply reading imdb user reviews revealed way more about the original The Dead Don't Die to me, and although of course it must still be true that this is Jarmusch's own movie, it is clearer to me why he found this title suitable

When movies were crude but better
zocotroco038 January 2004

This is a fun one. I remember being scared as hell. In an attempt to solve a murder mystery, George Hamilton finds himself in a town inhabited by zombies. He even has a love scene with one of them!! It would be cool to see a remake. There has never been a zombie movie movie quite like this one. Hope i find it on a video shelf some day.

imdb users strongly mention the dreamlike quality of this zombie movie by Curtis Harringtn, Robert Bloch, and apparently a great-job George Hamilton. also Linda Cristal and Joan Blondell. a dance hall is a central component and the dance-hall owner is played by Ray Milland.

the title has all the markings of Jarmusch's nerdery, and he does what he always does, which is reveal deeper meaning below what feels flat at first.

Curtis Harrington has also found support with Refn, and i personally immensely support Night Tide, which is actually the one Refn supports but that's unrelated to my personal interest