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The Devil And Father Amorth

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on: July 27, 2018, 03:03:47 PM
William Friedkin Doc. Watched it the other night. Anyone else seen this?

(i tried searching multiple times to see if someone had a thread for this and didn't see anything)


My only question to all of you is,

Do you think he altered the audio in post, because it's something akin to throat singing, but the subject is grunting odd things, and it wavers in and out seamlessly, which makes me think it's "natural."

 It kinda freaked me out, but I'm at work and I can't type much on it, just saying, you've never seen anything like the exorcism featured in this doc and they interview western medical professionals, and they suggest some interesting things surrounding the psychology of such events.
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Reply #1 on: August 16, 2018, 05:21:22 PM

I watched this on Netflix and hoped it would be better. It felt like a Garth Marenghi style pastiche with the director talking to camera in the self-serious and overwritten narration. In answer to your question I believe the audio was altered in post to sound more dramatic/demonic. One of the reasons I think this is that whenever the screams sound demonic all of the regular sound cuts out too - for example the priest performing the exorcism is still speaking when the screams occur but we no longer hear even a trace of his voice, suggesting to me that they have altered all of the audio and been unable to separate the voices. Or maybe the screams are just so loud they overwhelm the rest - but I didn't buy it.

(Major Spoilers below)

My biggest problem is that during what is supposed to be the climax of the film the director claims to have not taken his camera (!) and we have to rely on his dramatic description of what he saw. The fact that they even attempted to sell this as acceptable shows how little respect they have for their audience.

The one thing I did like was that they asked medical professionals to explain what they believed to be happening - this is genuinely interesting. But overall I expected much more from Friedkin. At least it's mercifully short at 68 mins.