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The guy who shot Old Souls Revival's videos also asked me to work with him on a short series that he made three episodes for, and it is entitled, "From A Distance." Last time I posted some shit like this, I got torn a new one and wanted to cry and get defensive. But a lot changed for me when I hit 30. with that said, please fire away and let me know what you hate about it and (if there's anything you) like about it.

I think they get a lil' better with each one, but here's the first Ep

EDIT: Iím the leadĒ actor,Ē and not a very good one at that. So if youíve got any insight in that department, feel free to fire away as well!

ep 2

EP 3

I guess they're so bad, they aren't even worth commenting on. I'll let the writer/director know. :yabbse-grin:

You die alone my friend, but that doesnít mean you were wrong. I canít remeber if I was here for this or not, but personally Iím a fan of the lead actor.


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