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Reply #15 on: April 15, 2018, 08:27:23 PM
I still can't believe this is a thing.  Sorry I missed it.  What's next?  Boondocks Saints?

Were doing a Ratner
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Reply #16 on: April 15, 2018, 10:10:54 PM
For posterity (the shoutbox had already cycled off the first half hour's worth before I got to it):

Reelist [15|Apr 03:35 PM]:   for a second I was thinking this movie would have no redeeming value at all, but you're right I do enjoy this
Reelist [15|Apr 03:37 PM]:   when the kid comes on the scene, the racial tensions are wiped. because kids dont see color
Reelist [15|Apr 03:37 PM]:   this is the worst attempt at a movie ever trying to be funny
Reelist [15|Apr 03:38 PM]:   every single joke falls flat
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 03:39 PM]:   right, it's a have your cake and eat it too situation
Reelist [15|Apr 03:39 PM]:   this part is supposed to be a laugh riot, once again at the expense of asians
Just Withnail [15|Apr 03:39 PM]:   holy fucking shit this is a deeply disturbed scene
Reelist [15|Apr 03:39 PM]:   did we even hear them run over something?
Reelist [15|Apr 03:40 PM]:   Keith David!
Reelist [15|Apr 03:40 PM]:   best smile in the business
Reelist [15|Apr 03:41 PM]:   I like Ryan Phillipe
Reelist [15|Apr 03:42 PM]:   he's kind of the model for what the "ultimate handsome man" was for me as a teen
Reelist [15|Apr 03:43 PM]:   this movie is set in L.A and we have 2 mexican characters
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 03:43 PM]:   other ethnicities can be jerks too!
Reelist [15|Apr 03:43 PM]:   that guys accent stinks
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 03:44 PM]:   and his voice
Reelist [15|Apr 03:44 PM]:   this fat guys ethnicity I can't place, is he greek?
Reelist [15|Apr 03:44 PM]:   he kinda lightens things up with some actual good acting
Reelist [15|Apr 03:45 PM]:   then cheadle saves the day
Reelist [15|Apr 03:45 PM]:   oH I forgot we have a third hispanic character
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 03:46 PM]:   now 2 middle fingers are up
Reelist [15|Apr 03:46 PM]:   who is amused by this humor?
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 03:47 PM]:   here's matt dillon's "save the cat" scene
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 03:47 PM]:   the first one
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 03:47 PM]:   he requires a few
Reelist [15|Apr 03:47 PM]:   notice the white shirts
Reelist [15|Apr 03:48 PM]:   this was his comeback, remember?
Reelist [15|Apr 03:49 PM]:   I think I like the persian guy the least
Reelist [15|Apr 03:50 PM]:   ok one more mexican, I'm sorry
Reelist [15|Apr 03:51 PM]:   I think what I hate the most in this movie is ludacris's theory about the bus
Reelist [15|Apr 03:51 PM]:   they keep lights on in the bus so people won't be fondled/robbed/assaulted/beheaded
Reelist [15|Apr 03:52 PM]:   when Tony Danza shows up it really raises the barometer of your film
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 03:52 PM]:   this scene is actually good in terms of racial insight
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 03:52 PM]:   the only one i can think of
Reelist [15|Apr 03:52 PM]:   true
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 03:53 PM]:   good scene count: 2
Reelist [15|Apr 03:53 PM]:   I need to watch a movie that actually deserved an oscar after this
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 03:54 PM]:   now fully back in cartoon land
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 03:55 PM]:   this is one of the very worst scenes
Reelist [15|Apr 03:55 PM]:   YOU PEOPLE?
Reelist [15|Apr 03:56 PM]:   maria bamford?
Reelist [15|Apr 03:56 PM]:   if maria bamford was in this i'd give the entire movie a pass
Reelist [15|Apr 03:57 PM]:   everyone throw a spoon at the screen
Reelist [15|Apr 03:59 PM]:   his mom being on heroin is a little much, should've been a younger family member
Drenk [15|Apr 03:59 PM]:   Your mom isn't on heroin?
Reelist [15|Apr 03:59 PM]:   even a cousin would suffice
Reelist [15|Apr 04:00 PM]:   she was, during her pregnancy
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:01 PM]:   we're still talking about this?
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:01 PM]:   is that scene milked all movie?
Reelist [15|Apr 04:01 PM]:   crying thandie newton is the worst
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:02 PM]:   cause she's not human
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:02 PM]:   this is a sequel to Westworld
Reelist [15|Apr 04:02 PM]:   the persian store owner sounds like tommy wisseau
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:02 PM]:   he was excellent in Homeland
Reelist [15|Apr 04:05 PM]:   Dillon ALMOST saves the bad writing but juuust doesn't quite make it
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:06 PM]:   is this the Wise Up scene?
Reelist [15|Apr 04:06 PM]:   must be
Reelist [15|Apr 04:06 PM]:   i swear to god i'm making that video
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:07 PM]:   put jim kurring's face on matt dillon here
Reelist [15|Apr 04:07 PM]:   this is SO stupid
Reelist [15|Apr 04:08 PM]:   this marks the point in the movie when everyone starts 'Crashing'
Reelist [15|Apr 04:09 PM]:   i wish the car exploded with him walking away in the foreground
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:09 PM]:   good call on her being unable cry
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:09 PM]:   still can't do it
Reelist [15|Apr 04:11 PM]:   an interesting plot turn would be if they fell in love, THAT alone would be a movie I'd watch, but I feel like it's been done a hundred times
Reelist [15|Apr 04:12 PM]:   "love overcoming racism" etc.. but that's 'Monster's Ball'
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:12 PM]:   that scene was so friggin long
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:12 PM]:   clearly meant to be the centerpiece
Just Withnail [15|Apr 04:13 PM]:   anybody know the language of the song? is it the lyrics to crash into me?
Reelist [15|Apr 04:13 PM]:   just shazaamed it, it is
Reelist [15|Apr 04:14 PM]:   sadly the 'crash into me' connection is going to be funniest thing to come out of this, only downhill from here
Reelist [15|Apr 04:15 PM]:   this movie has too many stats
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:15 PM]:   here's a central flaw of crash
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:15 PM]:   a conversation like this would normally happen between 2 white men
Reelist [15|Apr 04:15 PM]:   ok "They just cant keep their hands out the cookie jar" is the first humorous line delivery
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:16 PM]:   like the one between matt dillon and shaniqua.... white guys don't usually say that right to a black person
Reelist [15|Apr 04:16 PM]:   this is when don cheadle begs for a loan
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:16 PM]:   it's a conversation among whites
Reelist [15|Apr 04:17 PM]:   yeah the characters are way too comfortable speaking on these subjects face to face. real racism is awkward
Reelist [15|Apr 04:18 PM]:   this movie, through and through is an old white guy thinking he can make "Do The Right Thing"
Reelist [15|Apr 04:20 PM]:   why would the persian store owner take it upon himself to do this?
Reelist [15|Apr 04:21 PM]:   something that always bothered me, and I noticed watching 'Girls Trip' is that even when movies have a largely black cast those actors are still very light skinned
Reelist [15|Apr 04:22 PM]:   where are the Yapphet Kottos of the world, the Bill Dukes?
Reelist [15|Apr 04:23 PM]:   I love that I can pull out Bill Duke's name without even IMDBing
Reelist [15|Apr 04:25 PM]:   Terrance Howard is good here
Reelist [15|Apr 04:26 PM]:   so I'm glad to be able to share with you guys the last time I will ever watch this movie in my life
Reelist [15|Apr 04:27 PM]:   it's good to be here just to vent, I've been so pent up all the previous watches
Reelist [15|Apr 04:27 PM]:   I've been shown this movie in classrooms on 3 separate occasions
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:28 PM]:   this guy is just behaving nonsensically
Reelist [15|Apr 04:28 PM]:   that was a bad scream, Pena
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:28 PM]:   LOL
Reelist [15|Apr 04:29 PM]:   what was in that store, the arch of the covenant?
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:29 PM]:   oh right
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:29 PM]:   blanks
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:29 PM]:   "are you sure you want the red box?"
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:29 PM]:   "do you know what those are?"
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:29 PM]:   that was one of the absolute worst 5 minutes ever committed to film
Reelist [15|Apr 04:30 PM]:   that little girl is the only actor able to pull emotion out of me in the whole film
Reelist [15|Apr 04:31 PM]:   none of the actor's fault, it's on haggis
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:32 PM]:   lol the scenes just keep getting worse at this point
Drenk [15|Apr 04:32 PM]:   Because the movie itself is crashing.
Reelist [15|Apr 04:32 PM]:   most unnecessary fall in history?
Drenk [15|Apr 04:32 PM]:   (I have never seen Crash and I don't want to ever see Crash that's why I'm not doing this movie.)
Reelist [15|Apr 04:32 PM]:   she really did just crash to the floor
Reelist [15|Apr 04:33 PM]:   good on you
Reelist [15|Apr 04:34 PM]:   you can't not like Larenz Tate, though. Ever
Reelist [15|Apr 04:36 PM]:   I might watch the movie Belly after this to remind myself what good black characters are
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:36 PM]:   do not believe this character did any of those things
Reelist [15|Apr 04:36 PM]:   I missed whatever the fuck just happened
Reelist [15|Apr 04:38 PM]:   See, Lorenz tate shouldve been the heroin character, he's robbing everyone anyway
Reelist [15|Apr 04:40 PM]:   is this the guy from Lost? I'm confused
Reelist [15|Apr 04:40 PM]:   who's racist now
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:42 PM]:   the guy from Lost was seen briefly on a bus
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:42 PM]:   i thought he would feature more prominently
Reelist [15|Apr 04:42 PM]:   the guy in the hospital bed is from the car accident in the beginning? I dunno
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:42 PM]:   yes he is
Reelist [15|Apr 04:42 PM]:   the interconnectedness is a little too vague
Reelist [15|Apr 04:44 PM]:   so don cheadle gets in a car accident with an asian guy, then the other black characters run over the asian guy, THAT'S your connection??
Drenk [15|Apr 04:44 PM]:   Does Donald Trump play in this movie?
Drenk [15|Apr 04:45 PM]:   I'd watch the Alt Man. An alt right guy with a Make American Great Again cap who thinks he's a super-hero.
Reelist [15|Apr 04:45 PM]:   No but it does look way too orange
Reelist [15|Apr 04:46 PM]:   Fraser's black assistant needs more of a part
Reelist [15|Apr 04:47 PM]:   total missed opportunity to have some sort of affair going on
Reelist [15|Apr 04:47 PM]:   oh no, THIS is the dave matthews part
Reelist [15|Apr 04:48 PM]:   this movie is making me cry but not in the way it's intended
Reelist [15|Apr 04:48 PM]:   I'm crying for cinema
Just Withnail [15|Apr 04:49 PM]:   this is like the fourth scene between Bullock and Fraser in the entire movie
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:49 PM]:   THIS is wise up
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:49 PM]:   even has the same delicate snare beat
Reelist [15|Apr 04:49 PM]:   ughck
Reelist [15|Apr 04:50 PM]:   so much time has passed and I feel like it hasn't begun to tell a story
Drenk [15|Apr 04:50 PM]:   The movie you're watching won Best Picture over Brokeback Mountain.
Drenk [15|Apr 04:51 PM]:   Thousands of white people decided they finally managed to make the ultimate movie about racism or something.
Drenk [15|Apr 04:51 PM]:   And voted.
Reelist [15|Apr 04:52 PM]:   it's really sickening, you've done yourself such a service never seeing it
Reelist [15|Apr 04:52 PM]:   annd it ends here
Drenk [15|Apr 04:52 PM]:   I'd like to do an impossible experiment. Putting Crash every year at The Oscars. Trying to see if it wins or not.
Drenk [15|Apr 04:52 PM]:   Crash versus There Will Be Blood!
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:53 PM]:   it's actually hard for me to dislike Ludacris for whatever reason
Reelist [15|Apr 04:53 PM]:   I wish the whole movie was about these asians
Reelist [15|Apr 04:53 PM]:   what a terrible down note song to end on
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:54 PM]:   cue: "Crash Into Me"
Reelist [15|Apr 04:55 PM]:   I think this was a good way to exorcise this movie out of my system, confirming with you that all of it is terrible
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:55 PM]:   well i feel like i've learned a lot
Reelist [15|Apr 04:55 PM]:   I'm going to hug the next black person I see
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:56 PM]:   this movie has 2 good scenes and the last half hour is pure cinematic garbage
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 04:56 PM]:   overall it was actually a bit worse than i remember
Reelist [15|Apr 04:57 PM]:   totally
Just Withnail [15|Apr 04:58 PM]:   yeah, that was depressing
Reelist [15|Apr 04:59 PM]:   I need a Paul Thomas Anderson movie put into my body intravenously
Just Withnail [15|Apr 05:00 PM]:   next time, let's do one we'll actually enjoy watching
jenkins [15|Apr 05:00 PM]:   lol
jenkins [15|Apr 05:01 PM]:   nah but i found it adorable yeah
jenkins [15|Apr 05:01 PM]:   jb please link the 2 good scenes
jenkins [15|Apr 05:01 PM]:   i'm gonna read the whole convo that'll be posted or you're crazy, but it doesn't sound like i need to rewind on that movie
Reelist [15|Apr 05:03 PM]:   idk if it should be posted
jenkins [15|Apr 05:03 PM]:   lol
Reelist [15|Apr 05:04 PM]:   the only thing Crash did for us tonight was make 3 white men very sad
Reelist [15|Apr 05:06 PM]:   I wish the movie had even the slightest sense of what authentic racism is
Reelist [15|Apr 05:10 PM]:   it has the pretense of racism without any characterization to back it up
Reelist [15|Apr 05:14 PM]:   Tarantino treats racism as a given but nothing a character deserves to be hated for
Reelist [15|Apr 05:16 PM]:   I'm definitely going to watch a Tarantino to wash down this bullshit I was just fed, it's a toss up between Jackie Brown and Django
Drenk [15|Apr 05:20 PM]:   Go for Jackie Brown.
Reelist [15|Apr 05:23 PM]:   I should, right? That would cheer me up
Reelist [15|Apr 05:34 PM]:   So we just watched a movie thats trying to be really smart with bad results, I think whatever we do next should be incredibly stupid
Reelist [15|Apr 05:35 PM]:   Lets look into a Ratner
Reelist [15|Apr 05:38 PM]:   I’d be willing to watch any Ratner movie I havent seen
polkablues [15|Apr 06:22 PM]:   Tower Heist is a really good movie to make fun of.
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 06:28 PM]:   "Hey we should make a movie about a tower heist."
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 06:29 PM]:   "What titles do you have in mind?"
Reelist [15|Apr 06:33 PM]:   Ive never seen: Money Talks, After The Sunset, Rush Hour 3
Reelist [15|Apr 06:34 PM]:   To watch money talks would be really getting in touch with Ratners roots
Reelist [15|Apr 06:37 PM]:   I’m not enough of a glutton for punishment to watch Tower Heist again
Reelist [15|Apr 06:48 PM]:   Rush Hour 3 is the most promising for entertainment value
Reelist [15|Apr 06:49 PM]:   And it kind of runs along the same lines of movies dealing with racism shittily
Reelist [15|Apr 06:55 PM]:   Oh shit I’m watching one of my favorite podcasts and dan soder is wearing this shirt https://www.redbubble.com/people/scl57/works/22525841...ALw_wcB
polkablues [15|Apr 06:57 PM]:   I’ve never seen After the Sunset. That looks like it could be the right kind of bad.
Reelist [15|Apr 06:59 PM]:   It could be.. anything to get the polkster on board I’m all for
Reelist [15|Apr 07:01 PM]:   Its like Ratners attempt at a grown up movie, but theres no way it could have the pretension of ‘crash’
Reelist [15|Apr 07:03 PM]:   And we’d also be following up with a cheadle bomb
Reelist [15|Apr 07:05 PM]:   i think don cheadles involvement in both films seals the deal, right? Maybe our theme should be movies even cheadle cannot redeem
Reelist [15|Apr 07:06 PM]:   Just imdb’d cheadle btw and the first movie next to his name when you scroll down is crash
Reelist [15|Apr 07:10 PM]:   Ratner totally stole cheadle from PTA, he’s been in 3 of his movies after Boogie Nights. If he’d never used him I’d sure we’d have seen more of him by now, a bit part in PDL or michael k williams role in inherent vice, for example
Reelist [15|Apr 07:12 PM]:   Or maybe paul just really didnt like when he brought up how black people interpret the donut shop robbery
Reelist [15|Apr 07:15 PM]:   After The Sunset also released the same year as Crash
Neil [15|Apr 07:18 PM]:   My girlfriend made me go see crash back when it came out
Reelist [15|Apr 07:19 PM]:   I should read the old thread and see what people thought
Reelist [15|Apr 07:21 PM]:   Even if crash was a tough go this time, its a good unifying movie to kick this off because on the marquee it says “we hated crash”
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 07:23 PM]:   The 2 good crash scenes:
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 07:25 PM]:   Tony Danza / Terence Howard scene (talking about if the actor can talk black enough)
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 07:25 PM]:   Michael Pena scene with his daughter
Reelist [15|Apr 07:33 PM]:   yup
Reelist [15|Apr 07:36 PM]:   I just remembered when I was taking a college class on Interpersonal Communication after we watched Crash the teacher brought up how the "chinaman under my truck" scene is a great example of how we can sometimes uncomfortably laugh at things
Reelist [15|Apr 07:38 PM]:   it felt like someone from another planet was explaining to me how humor works
Reelist [15|Apr 07:45 PM]:   "when Haggis began writing, it was not from his own viewpoint of what happened to him, it was from the perspective of the carjackers. That fits perfectly with Haggis' philosophy. "You can't write things from your own perspective," he suggests. "If you're going to cast yourself in the film, you have to be the villain." "
Reelist [15|Apr 07:46 PM]:   since when?
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 07:49 PM]:   All the "Chinaman" stuff is absolute cringe
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 07:50 PM]:   You're right that it's clearly meant to be funny
Jeremy Blackman [15|Apr 08:03 PM]:   The last half hour of Crash is a shocking abomination. I can't overstate that.
That's what fiction is for. It's for getting at the truth when the truth isn't sufficient for the truth.


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Reply #17 on: April 15, 2018, 11:22:49 PM
Jeremy Blackman:   overall it was actually a bit worse than i remember
Reelist:   totally
Just Withnail:   yeah, that was depressing

i appreciate you guys taking this hit for the team. i appreciate the conversation having happened


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Reply #18 on: April 21, 2018, 12:49:24 PM
I want to shoot for doing one of these a month, on the day and time we’ve chosen- Sunday, 6 pm (eastern US). We have plenty of time to plan this so more people can join so I want to figure out the best Sunday.

The next movie will be a Ratner film, Polka and I agree that “After The Sunset” would be perfectly suitable for this kind of thing, I know nothing about it except that it will stink. Maybe it will be more enjoyable to dissect than something as hollow and pretentious as ‘Crash’

Who’s in? We’ll talk more about scheduling through PM
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Reply #19 on: April 21, 2018, 04:37:30 PM
Is it available on any of the major streaming services? The absolute last thing I want is to have to pay to watch it.
That's what fiction is for. It's for getting at the truth when the truth isn't sufficient for the truth.


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Reply #20 on: April 21, 2018, 06:06:41 PM
It’s not. I made a big mistake buying Crash and that was only $3! I chucked the disc like a frisbee when I found it laying around earlier. I’m going to torrent these from now on. Some people are uncomfortable with torrenting, if that’s the case with most then maybe we should only choose movies from a streaming service for everyone’s convenience.
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Reply #21 on: April 21, 2018, 09:58:13 PM
The Family Man is on Netflix. I haven't seen it, but I would assume Ratner directing a morality tale with a message directly at odds with his actual worldview should result in something ripe for mockery. Plus, you've got restrained Nicolas Cage and Don Cheadle as a literal magical Negro. Seems promising.
That's what fiction is for. It's for getting at the truth when the truth isn't sufficient for the truth.

Jeremy Blackman

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Reply #22 on: April 21, 2018, 10:21:24 PM
One person can purchase, and we can use https://www.rabb.it
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Reply #23 on: April 27, 2018, 12:50:34 PM
The Family Man is on Netflix. I haven't seen it, but I would assume Ratner directing a morality tale with a message directly at odds with his actual worldview should result in something ripe for mockery. Plus, you've got restrained Nicolas Cage and Don Cheadle as a literal magical Negro. Seems promising.

Actually...it's not bad, his best film IMO.


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Reply #24 on: March 20, 2019, 06:14:49 PM
So let's do a spontaneous Death Proof viewing tonight, huh???

Or soon.... the clock is 00:00, but I don't have a life to wake up to tomorrow so who cares.


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Reply #25 on: March 26, 2019, 04:42:05 AM
So let's do a spontaneous Death Proof viewing tonight, huh???

Or soon.... the clock is 00:00, but I don't have a life to wake up to tomorrow so who cares.

I did a spontaneous viewing of Reservoir Dogs tonight. I knew that I really liked it when I watched it years ago, but for some reason thought I would only sort of enjoy it this time. I was pleasantly surprised and reminded of Tarantino's brilliance.

Maybe I'll watch Kill Bill next.


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Reply #26 on: March 26, 2019, 07:26:59 AM
I've been meaning to do a Kill Bill rewatch for a while now. Ended up listening to the two soundtracks yesterday. I think I just have to be in the mood. OUATIH could inspire me to do a mini Tarantino marathon though, because it's been a while.
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Reply #27 on: March 26, 2019, 11:38:16 PM
The soundtracks are great .... The music is a big part of what makes Kill Bill so good. Ennio Morricone is a genius. If I recall right, he makes a shit-ton of money too.