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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

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on: February 10, 2018, 12:43:03 AM
Spoilers maybe.  Was fond of the original, and in the mood for something silly, and this fit the bill.  Instead of a board game, this time around it's like they're in a video game... sort of.  Sort of, I guess, because it's a more contemporary idea of a video game, which is ironically not as interesting.  Rock is a great leading man, charismatic as hell and true to his nickname.  Hart and Black play great sidekicks -- especially Black.  He stole the show, really, playing a teenage girl in an overweight man's body with a crush on a teenage boy who's really 30 years older than he looks, played by Nick Jonas.  And Karen Gillan -- who I didn't know from anything else so she may as well be new to me -- is solid too.  The writing was a bit cringey at the beginning, playing to some dumb cliches and stereotypes, but it was necessary, given the nature of the film.  Weird cameo by Colin Hanks at the end tied things up nicely, and the whole thing evoked a sense of wistful nostalgia for youth that I dug.  Chris McKenna wrote this, and he worked on Community for many years, so there's a bit of a solid writing pedigree behind it too.