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Josh & Benny Safdie
« on: December 14, 2017, 03:05:09 PM »
‘Good Time’ Directors Benny & Josh Safdie To Helm ’48 Hrs.’ Remake
via The Playlist

The success of “Good Time” has kicked open some doors for filmmakers Josh and Benny Safdie, who have spent years solidifying their indie cred. As they shared last month, some very big projects have started to cross their desk, though the duo are being selective about what they choose to do.

“….we’re talking about doing a remake of a movie. It’s weird, a studio offered us to do a sequel to this huge comic-book thing. We just said, ‘No, we don’t wanna do that!’ But we are interested in working in the studio system, so we’re talking about doing something there,” Josh Safdie said. Well, we now know what the remake is.

THR reports the Safdies will direct a remake of the buddy cop classic “48 Hrs.,” with Josh Safdie and his regular collaborator Ronald Bronstein penning the script, along with Jerrod Carmichael (“The Carmichael Show“). The film is a redo of the 1982 Walter Hill flick starring Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy, the latter’s first major big screen role, which helped launch him to superstardom. The movie spawned a not so well received sequel, “Another 48 Hrs.,” in 1990.

This one will be a bit of while, though, as the the pair’s next film is “Uncut Gems,” produced by Martin Scorsese.


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