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Re: PTA Interviews (on YouTube or otherwise)
« Reply #195 on: January 08, 2018, 04:54:23 AM »
Added the copyrighted videos listed above to their respective playlists on the channel - they just won’t be directly hosted. Thanks to wilberfan for the Phantom Thread post-screening discussion audio.

Edit - added:

-Paul's commentary on the John C. Holmes documentary "Exhausted"
-Hard Eight score (+Playlist)
-Boogie Nights cast EPK videos
-Boogie Nights Behind the Scenes B-Roll
-Magnolia Oscar video
-Longer San Sebastian TWBB interview
-Dylan Tichenor Playlist
-DP/30 interview with Mark Bridges & Co. to 'The Master' playlist

and this gem


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Re: PTA Interviews (on YouTube or otherwise)
« Reply #196 on: Today at 08:13:00 PM »
So, PTA was on a late-night talk show called Open Mike with Mike Bullard on January 21st, 2000. I keep editing this post because I just learned this and wasn't sure of the details at first. Anyway, the only other info I could find is that it's Episode 272: Paul Thomas Anderson; Rachael Crawford; Mark Walker.

That might actually be an interview that will never resurface. But it did happen. Wish I could watch it. Was it ever transcribed on cigsandredvines, maybe?

EDIT 1: OK, editing yet again because now I'm reading that PTA was also apparently on Letterman's show on January 7, 2000? The other guest was Andy Kindler. I'm also seeing now that he was also scheduled on January 20th of the same year; Nathan Lane was the other guest. So, they must have rescheduled or something, but I wonder if the interview ever ended up happening.

EDIT 2: Yeah, the Letterman interview didn't happen. Apparently, Letterman had to undergo heart surgery after his Jan. 14th show, so I think what happened was...PTA was supposed to do the show at the beginning of January, but was rescheduled into a different week of interviews later in the month, which never happened because Letterman didn't return until February.

In hindsight, I guess it might be silly to imagine that a Letterman interview with PTA would have slipped through the cracks for this long, but I don't know. Either way, I was excited for a second or two because Letterman interviewing PTA sounded interesting. 


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