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Character Motivations in "Boogie Nights"
« on: Yesterday at 07:08:40 PM »

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Something I've been trying to make sense of (or have been overthinking) for quite awhile now:

Why does Eddie Adams ride the bus for 2.5 hours (each way) to work at Hot Traxx?

Jack Horner specifically asks him that ("Couldn't you get a job like this in Torrance?") but Eddie's only response is "I don't want to."   

Eddie clearly wants to actually become the star that he keeps telling himself that he is.  But does he specifically want to work in porn?

He doesn't recognize Jack--but he admits he does know who Jack is after Jack introduces himself.  But Eddie doesn't seem very ambitious:  He declines to join Jack for a drink while he's working (that could just be a fine work ethic), but then he declines (initially) to join Jack and Amber and Rollergirl after the club has closed for the evening.  When The Colonel tells Eddie, "Jack tells me you have a great big cock.", Eddie shyly replies, "I guess so...".   The kid doesn't seem to be trying very hard, nor does he seem to be very excited about being "on the inside".  Granted, Eddie's not that bright, but if he's working in the Valley in hopes of being discovered by a porn director, once he knows he's met the Jack Horner, why isn't he more excited? 

If Eddie knew who Jack was, wouldn't you expect he'd be familiar with some of Jack's films?  (Although, at only 17 years old, technically too young to legally be admitted to any of the adult theaters in his area.)  If Eddie was familiar with Jack's films, why doesn't he recognize any of Jack's stable of actors that are at the house that first day Eddie shows up?  Reed, Buck, Jessie...Amber, for Christ's sake, are all there...

So, why does Eddie want to work in Reseda?  If it's not to be discovered and specifically become a porn star, then what?   Just to be discovered by...whom- or whatever? 
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Re: Character Motivations in "Boogie Nights"
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 07:41:11 PM »
Maybe because he's showing his dick for money and wants to be as far away from "home" as possible to do. He might feel a little bit shameful. Showing his dick doesn't mean that he wants to be a pornstar—he just needs the money. Once again: to get away, maybe.

And then he's being talked into becoming something, that something being a porn star. He takes the opportunity. He would have taken anything.
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