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how would you rank his films so far?

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Reply #60 on: December 16, 2017, 03:26:08 PM
I've been reading the forums for some time now but only decided to register recently. This is not my first post but let me share my list as a formal hello. PTA is definately my favourite living filmmaker.

Absolutely adore:
1. The Master (probably my all time fav, definitely in my top3)
2. Inherent Vice (would never undestand why IV is so underrated even among PTA fans; as a whole it may not be perfect but individual scenes, lines, cinematography, acting, use of music all feel so great)

3. Magnolia
4. Boogie Nights (I love it, it's fun to watch, some great scenes but just feels too long and repetitive in the last act... and I kinda hate the Dirk Diggler fake home videos)
5. Punch-Drunk Love

6. TWBB (yeah, it's my IV; I absolutely understand why even not big PTA fans consider it one of the best movies ever but I just don't get it, I would really like to love it but I just can't, which is strange considering how much more I love The Master and IV than his (still great) eariler work.
7. Hard Eight

I can't imagine Phantom Thread is better than The Master but judging from your opinions I believe it may rank just below The Master or Vice.


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Reply #61 on: December 20, 2017, 08:09:48 PM
Phantom Urges: Paul Thomas Andersonís Films Ranked


(Well, I must say, his rankings are about as upside-down and inside-out from my rankings as you can get...)

Another ranking from Indiewire.  (This includes things like "Junun".)

Paul Thomas Anderson Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

A third set of rankings, this time from The Wrap:

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Reply #62 on: August 28, 2019, 03:39:03 AM
Boogie Nights
Inherent Vice
Punch-Drunk Love
Hard Eight
The Master
There Will Be Blood

i watched TWBB after not having seen it in years. i believe the above list is still accurate from the top three. it might be that The Master and Magnolia could switch. i would have to rewatch them both to be sure and idk when ill do that, probably not before i rewatch Hard Eight which i somehow like more than  pta fans who stick to its original title. i think the world is funny in a general sense

the first 15min of TWBB are spiritual. the pan up as he drags himself across the rocks is melodramatic but besides that. i think the entire score is melodramatic btw. no mystery in it at all. itís this movieís physical textures which i consider holy. DDLís performance. the live train station. the derricks. the physical textures like i said. but i can never become involved with Daniel as others can. itís just woa buddy stuff. and the whole narrative revolves around him, innit the only pta narrative that revolves around only one person.  i simply think that out of all ptaís movies TWBB is a beautiful portrait of the least amount of human complexities. nothing gets tangled up in the movie, it all points to Daniel

Dano doesnít bother me btw. i think his acting talents fit well inside the idea of Paul Sunday. complimentary. Dano doesnít bother me, just to mention

thatís not to ruffle anybody here. just still my least favorite pta movie. personal perspective. in terms of which pta movie i would most to watch, itís boogie or inherent, thatís personal taste

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Reply #63 on: August 28, 2019, 08:10:32 AM
There Will Be Blood
The Master
Punch-Drunk Love
Boogie Nights
Phantom Thread
Inherent Vice
Hard Eight


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Reply #64 on: August 28, 2019, 05:44:26 PM
I remember he said in one interviewer that he likes to go for the saddest happiest ending possible, and that's one of the magic touches I connect to most in his films.

i'm like really into that quote

TWBB's narrative clear as day, the next day i think about the psychological elements of this very-alive movie, in which each character behaves according to an active personality

the psychology of Daniel is the spine of the movie

the final conversation between Daniel/HW is echoed by the final conversation between Phil/Joa in The Master. HW is being reasonable by wanting to draw the line between relationship and business. but Daniel mentions that business has been first for him the whole while. they  become rivals in a sad scene that does not surprise us, Daniel having mentioned that this is how he is

in the final scene there was no reason to expect Daniel and Paul to become one. we easily accept that Daniel is not a religious person, and can celebrate what Paul has to yell. melodrama ingrained in the narrative, like the fake brother as well. how easily the killing of the fake brother is absorbed by the narrative logic, totally understandable

the story that further expresses the friction between business and personal is with the man from Standard Oil. how clear it is in their first conversation that Daniel has misread the intentions of the Standard Oil man's statement. the Standard Oil man frankly does not care whether Daniel is a good father or not, he's only talking business, and mentions the son as a good idea for retirement. but here the conversation detaches from business, since Daniel takes the comment as a judgment against his moral character. he immediately says a crazy thing that the Standard Oil man identifies as crazy by acting natural and being genuinely unaware of the inner turmoil taking place inside of Daniel. the next time they see each other Daniel embarrasses himself the whole while, covering his head with a napkin and walking over to the table.  the Standard Oil man keeps acting perfectly natural and respectable, since he truly doesn't even know what in the fuck is going on. what's cool about this moment is how obviously wrong Daniel is behaving. he's so misguided and trapped inside himself. very human. this scene is complex in a way that's demonstrated

it is true that from Daniel HW could learn what being not human looks like. how will HW do in Mexico? i wish him luck in the indifferent world of business! the absence of love in the heart of Daniel is the quality that differentiates this movie from any other PTA movie, which is actually obvious since PTA is a romantic. in this way the movie is uncharacteristic of his personality, exactly as PTA wanted it to be. he made a good movie in a surprising way. that is exciting. i'm thinking about it the day after watching it and that's a good sign too. so even my least favorite PTA movie is a juicy movie


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Reply #65 on: October 06, 2019, 09:10:04 AM
1. The Master
2. There Will Be Blood
3. Phantom Thread
4. Punch Drunk Love
5. Inherent Vice
6. Magnolia
7. Hard Eight
8. Boogie Nights

I'm one of those guys who thinks PTA has only gotten better with time.


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Reply #66 on: October 06, 2019, 09:13:37 AM
1.  Boogie Nights

2.  Punch-Drunk Love

3.  Hard Eight

4.  There Will Be Blood
5.  Phantom Thread

6.  The Master

7.  Magnolia / Inherent Vice


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Reply #67 on: October 06, 2019, 04:38:31 PM
1.The Master (my first PTA will always have a special place in my heart, and after multiple viewings the "slow boat to China" scene still makes me want to cry)
2.TWBB (the first time i admired it more than i liked it, it was the second time that i realised how much i actually love it and so on)
3.Inherent Vice (his film that i have seen the most times, one of my favorites of this decade, a movie that looks like nothing else out there)
4.Phantom Thread
5.Boogie Nights
6.Magnolia (as much i sympathize the characters and the story, i can't deny that i find it way more ambitious than it had the right to be)
8.Hard Eight


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Reply #68 on: October 10, 2019, 10:12:13 AM
1. There Will Be Blood (Still amazes me and shocks me and feels almost like a religious experience, still feels like it was made by aliens and an alien went into the body of DDL. I don't know why but this movie feels so incredibly freakish and alive and important to me)
2. Magnolia (I love the film but it might partly be nostalgia--I love the Jon Brion score and the PTA acting crew all at their best. I rewatched it recently and thought it would make me cringe but it just made me elated)
3. Boogie Nights (Still feels like such a pure expression of a young filmmaker making the most heartfelt, fun movie he possibly can. If I ever want to introduce someone to PTA I'll show them this)
4. Punch-Drunk Love (IMO by far his best use of set design, sound effects, colors, costumes. All the stuff other people have said about it feeling one of a kind and Sandler's performance. I think the ending is quite weak though but that might just be because it doesn't have the gut punch of, say, Magnolia)
5. The Master (I never got it. Master feels so artificial to me and so off--he never felt anything close to a real person, and if you look at him as just a character he's not even particularly interesting. That character feels more than anything else to me like a great actor playing a "type" of character that was never fully embodied or I just never got. Joaquin is obviously super impressive but I never cared about Freddie. I think this film has the worst music of the JG films.)
6. Phantom Thread (Has THE BEST JG music by far. The score is so lush and epic and bewildering and still fits a small film. Vicky Krieps is phenomenal but other than that it's what...an older, grumpy silver-haired man getting soft and falling in love with a hot young girl and he likes her because...she challenges him? That's one of the biggest cliches in storytelling and adding on the Munchausen syndrome doesn't make it interesting)
7. Inherent Vice (Totally baffling to me. Not funny, dull, nothing noteworthy about the performances (other than Brolin). I think Joaquin was 100% miscast. This film is not worthy of PTA or Pynchon)
8. Hard Eight (A solid movie, and I'd rather watch it than Inherent Vice, but because it was so early/cheap I don't think it's fair to compare it with all the others)

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this but one of the things that I loved the most about the earlier films was their sense of surprise, in a way that you're seeing something you've never seen in a movie before or everything is unexpected. I hate watching a film (and Nolan, though he's incredible, is super guilty of this, especially with dialogue) and feeling like I know exactly what a character is going to say next, or where the story is going, because to me it just feels sort of lazy and like the filmmaker isn't really trying. Whereas with films like Magnolia and Boogie Nights, even though they get the most flack for ripping off Scorsese/Altman/others, there wasn't a single moment where I wasn't totally enraptured and wondering wtf the next amazing thing would be. Even these little surprising moments like Daniel Plainview walking ahead of HW and then pausing to let him catch up, or just the ways the camera moves in Boogie Nights and makes you go "woah, I had no idea you could do that in a movie." I'm mainly really surprised at how many people like Inherent Vice. It's cool to see such varied opinions/reactions


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Reply #69 on: October 10, 2019, 03:15:36 PM
Punch-Drunk Love

The Master

Hard Eight (aged far better than the rest of his 90s work, plus better predicted the filmmaker he ultimately became.)

Phantom Thread (Good, but first half drags too long and the ending is too rushed. Plus, I don't care at all about the Bechdel Test though but fuck, the female characters really didn't talk about anything other than Reynolds.)

Inherent Vice (way too faithful to Pynchon's words, though my real gripe is he care way too much on Shasta, who isn't even a character. A lot of great stuff though)

Boogie Nights (Fun but not much "there" there. Realized last time how one note a character Amber is. "I miss my son! Now let me do or say something that shows why I don't have my son!" Every scene she's in plays that exact same beat.)

There Will Be Blood (Eh. Just a pretty perfunctory misanthrope tale. It's all very predictable. His worst dialogue. Too in awe of DDL and lets him almost swallow the whole film.)

Magnolia (Awful. A 3 hour 3rd act. The heavy handed bible verses. Linda and Claudia are bother horrible cliches. Too much Fiona Apple "the world is bullshit!" crap.)