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Reply #15 on: January 14, 2018, 01:44:07 PM
I finally saw this last night. Spoilers ahead!

With regard to the ending, are you guys referring to the cut from Moonee crying to the fast motion run? I found that visually very jarring and it totally took me out of the emotional resonance of what had just happened. The upbeat music was also really jarring. However, I don't mind that they ended with the shot of the Disney castle; it serves as a reminder of the juxtaposition of Halley's and Moonee's life and that of what people with children choose to go to Florida for, which is to luxuriate in the expensive make-believe magic world of Disney.

I will say that the silent credits roll was an AMAZING choice. Absolutely amazing. All of a sudden, after all that's happened and this big musical crescendo, the theatre goes silent and everyone is too stricken by what just happened with the story to say anything louder than in a whisper. That was a very interesting experience in itself, and kudos to Sean Baker and team for that one. I thought the editing was really good on the whole as well, and I saw that Sean Baker did it himself.