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Jeremy Blackman:
Here's a thread for TV posts that might not call for their own thread.

To begin:

Watched the first episode of The Handmaid's Tale. Everything about this is great. Except for one thing the music is absolutely catastrophically overbearing. You are not allowed to feel a single feeling without its assistance, and it just DOES NOT STOP. I was really trying to let myself get captured by the show, but the score was actively distracting. It's too bad, because some the performances are incredible. I will probably try another episode and see if it gets better.

I'm waiting for the whole season to be out so I can binge it.

I mentioned this one in the shoutbox a bit ago, but for posterity's sake I'm going to re-recommend the Amazon series "Patriot." Imagine a cross between the Coen Brothers and Martin McDonagh making an extremely odd, tone-jumping version of a LeCarre novel. It's also lowkey one of the deepest and strongest portrayals of clinical depression onscreen that I've ever seen.

Jeremy Blackman:
They must have blown their music budget on the premiere, because it's sparse and tasteful in episode 2. Complaint withdrawn.

I've watched four seasons of prison break in the past couple of weeks. It sucks of course and i love it. 

Feud. Pulpy kitschy trash. Loved it.


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