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The Dazzling Light of Sunset - Documentary

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on: April 28, 2017, 06:51:41 AM

Beautifully shot and strangely comic, Salomé Jashi’s documentary follows Dariko and Khaka, an ultra-low-budget local news team in rural Georgia. Whether it’s elections, death announcements, a rare owl, or an oddly stressful fashion show for prepubescent and teenage girls, the pair approach each story without ego and with absolute professionalism, managing every aspect of reporting and production themselves. Through subtle editing choices, Jashi suggests that nothing truly changes in this former Soviet satellite—but allows her subjects to have one last acerbic word on the matter of representation.

Quote from: Salomé Jashi
"I used to work for television, once. And it was always a very artificial work for me, to do something in a very short time, to present reality to viewers, to thousands of viewers, basically. [...] And the other [circumstance that led me me to make this film] was the way local news represented to the local residents...what was news for a certain kind of people in a small town?"

Directed by Salomé Jashi
Release Date - Screened at Lincoln Center a couple weeks ago, further release plans unknown