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BoJack Horseman (Netflix, Will Arnett, Aaron Paul, Alison Brie)

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Reply #15 on: September 13, 2018, 10:41:35 AM

Bojack Horseman is my favorite show right now.  That said, while yet again acclaimed, I felt season 4 was a bit lackluster compared to the heights achieved in season 2 which made me love it so, and the soul-crushing existentialism of season 3.  Still, I can't wait to watch this this weekend!


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Reply #16 on: September 23, 2018, 07:24:24 AM
The show has a formula now. It had one too for the last seasons but it felt as if it were going through the motions this time. Well, I really loved season 4 and thought season 3 was fine, mostly, even if it had a great ending. I think they need an "off" season before a great one. But I'm beginning to see the "formula"—the "psychedelic" penultimate episode is beginning to be a bit much, especially after season 4 which had the best one yet.

I think it's an issue for this show not to have an idea of when they want to end...or where...? We'll get the more dramatic season next year and then season 7 will be the mellow one where they deal with what happened before. Etc. Etc.