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the fault in our stars

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on: June 11, 2014, 03:09:52 AM
i'd like to say five things then be quiet and have feelings

1 thing
a metaphor

2 thing. second thing
i was going to tell my dad i'm getting over basketball (~)

third fourth wait
last year's john cusack in adult world goes to battle with this year's williem dafoe in the fault in our stars. who was the better horrible person? i don't think either of them. the way they relate to both protagonists is through outsider perspectives, then they meet and the writer seems to hate people and i guess the writer hates his own fans, and all that's fine, except knowing how to act like a frustrated person doesn't help you act like a writer and i can smell the bullshit

ya novels. you know what's happening? i think it's like comic books in the 50s, or whenever superman first appeared and all that. it's a cultural and social meteor that's striking literature right now, and instead of fantasy world and such john green uses irl emotions. this was like john hughes movie 2014