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the trailer for the short i made has been depassworded. it's up. i'd like to share it here because

please don't consider yourself a test group (please consider yourselves my friends), and please don't provide an easy link that'll load embed data

there's easy legwork here:

and you're there if you wanna be
then it's yours and whatevs. maybe it's perfect for your grandma's facebook, idk

Is the short available? Or do you want to share it with us? The trailer is very intriguing; the images are disconnected in such a way that I don't know how they work together, but I really want to know.

^^ everything he said. poles...palm trees in a dusty orangey browny greeny glow...i wanna pull stills out and place them here...

the short is still password protected, the short still has days ahead at nobudge, and i'm feeling emotional, because there are these adult professional reasons it hasn't been on nobudge already. i'm ready to share it! but it's not ready

a thing i can mention is i feel lucky we were able to make a 1:15 trailer for a 7:33 short. that's crazy. thanks everyone. the trailer at the beginning and end has footage from the scarlet we used for the short (+1 alexa shot of the tree for venice), the beginning also has iphone video and the short has iphone video, and for the trailer we shot "lead character in los angeles" rcv vhs footage for the middle. beginning, middle, and end are readable by the song selection.

seemed like too much to ask, to show 1:15 and expect you to wanna watch 6:18 more, so we made some shit up for the fun and for the hell of it

thanks for the words drenk cloudy and axolotl!! i'm excited if you're excited. calm and friendly anyone can for sure pm and get the short's viewing info

looks very good jenkins, im also intrigued


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