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Saving the chorus

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Jeremy Blackman

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on: May 18, 2014, 08:52:17 PM
This thread is about 2-part songs that save the chorus for the second part. I know that might be a very particular thing, but I find I really like this structure and it can work marvelously. I have some examples.

For this to work, the chorus must be so good that you just want it to keep going as the song ends. Strangely, the more repetitive, the better.

Yeasayer - "Henrietta"

This is probably the prototypical "saving the chorus" song. Not even a trace of the chorus before part two, then it just completely shifts and repeats the lines: "Oh Henrietta / We can live on forever." Gives you a taste for a bit, then crystallizes it with a bass lane and chord progression.

Susanne Sundfør - “Among Us"

The lyrics really pay off in this song. The first 3 minutes are all about setting up the final minute and a half, which repeats what are some of my favorite lyrics ever (in a new chorus).

Buke and Gase - "Sleep Gets Your Ghost"

This one's a little different, because the first part is nearly as strong. But it has the same structure (about 3 minutes, then a minute and a half chorus). Also definitely one of Buke and Gase's best songs.

Others that are not perfect examples, but come close, and are also great tunes:

Rogue Wave - "We Will Make A Song Destroy"
Shiny Toy Guns - "Wait For Me"
Paramore - "Looking Up"

So I'll put out the challenge. Post some other ones! They don't have to fit perfectly.
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