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Jeremy Blackman:
Welcome to the 2014 Xixax Awards! The nominees have been carefully chosen by Xixax users and administrators. Vote in the poll above to help decide the winner!

The Best Film category is a bit special. You can cast up to 3 votes!

This should also serve as the general discussion thread for the awards.

Surprised at the lack of The Great Beauty. 3 people nominated it on page 1 itself.

Jeremy Blackman:
The Great Beauty was a glaring oversight. I've added it to the poll.

You can now change your vote in this category. Click "REMOVE VOTE" under the poll. I might remove this option in a few days, so if you want to change your vote for The Great Beauty, do it soon.

It replaced Behind the Candelabra, which hadn't received any votes.

I'm curious who chose what...just for reference...I chose Llewyn and Lux

Kind of surprised by Her (kinda)...makes me think I should watch it again.

Jeremy Blackman:
Voting ends Sunday!

At that time, I'll lock the polls and winners will be final. Probably Sunday afternoon.


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