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Jeremy Blackman:
Welcome to the 2014 Xixax Awards! The nominees have been carefully chosen by Xixax users and administrators. Vote in the poll above to help decide the winner!

I wouldn't watch it again in a hurry, but Place Beyond the Pines isn't a bad film.

it was a disappointing followup to blue valentine. someone make the case that oblivion is a better movie.

^m83 and fancy digital work. and, you know, i find it easy to believe that cruise is confused and ponderous

[i think pines is solid and it's being ravaged by packs of wild babies]
[^topical jk]

I can't really rile up any hate for any of these movies. Even the clearly bad ones like Lone Ranger aren't bad in a way and to a degree that evokes any sort of passion against them.


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