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Re: Gone Girl
« Reply #30 on: December 30, 2014, 07:52:00 PM »
Lately I think Fincher is more interested in atmosphere. The material may be straightforward and simple, but the talent in terms of acting, cinematography, editing and music seem to have really hit it's stride for his directing style over these last three flicks and the first couple episodes of "House of Cards". It's more like the material is being brought to life in a very tense, tight, clean-yet-lived-in manner that seems to have chemistry onscreen.
So even if the story is pulp, and it seems like shining a turd involving such high caliber talent, I've enjoyed the hell out of this recent run. Maybe my standards have lowered, or maybe it's the idea of the crazy filmmaker raising the bar for common fare that's snagged me. He kind of did the same thing back in the day with "The Game", although *shrug* I have no interest in seeing that one more than once.  That was before he was using expensive computer effects to add a subtle gap in Rooney Mara's bangs and whatnot.


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