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little black spiders (trailer has no available english option)

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Sixteen and pregnant with her married lover's child, Katrina leaves France to take refuge at a Belgian hospital, where a program for similarly compromised young women is hidden away on the top floor of the building. As Katrina nears her due date, she becomes increasingly aware of what she must do to protect herself and her child from those who might take advantage of them. Set in 1978, LITTLE BLACK SPIDERS touchingly presents the naiveté, imagination and self-discovery of adolescence, even in the face of society’s withering judgment and disapproval. A beautiful portrayal of young women on the brink of adulthood, writer/director Patrice Toye expertly blends soundtrack and dreamlike visuals to create an arresting world where the characters are free to explore, to grow and ultimately to take control of their own lives.—Teeney Hood

Country: Belgium
Year: 2012
Director: Patrice Toye
Screenwriters: Ina Vandewijer, Patrice Toye