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~5+ people who post here and live in or around los angeles. news has arrived

this festival is great because:
it's free
the people who run it are cinephiles and visit festivals and care about movies and select varieties (e.g., cultural shifts)
if you imagine los angeles centered on movies for a week it's perfect how this all takes place on hollywood blvd in the grauman's chinese and egyptian theatres

agnés varda will serve as guest artistic director (will present a program of films that have inspired her work)

first three announcements:
The North American Premiere Gala of Disney’s SAVING MR. BANKS will open the festival on Thursday, November 7

The World Premiere Opening Weekend Gala of Sony Picture Classics’ FOXCATCHER on Friday, November 8 will launch a slate of independent and auteur films that will unspool over the course of the festival

INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS will be the Closing Night Gala on Thursday, November 14

AFI FEST November 7-14
Free individual tickets to AFI FEST screenings and galas will be available to AFI members on Monday, October 28 and Tuesday, October 29 in a 48-hour advance window before they become available to the general public on Wednesday, October 30 and Thursday, October 31.

the last two years i had the good luck to be fully available and saw everything i could. this year the timing seems dicey for me. i hope the timing is easy and marvelous for you. the american medical association suggests group meetings be devised or ignored and the point is a week of cinema bliss

each year the guest artistic director chooses favorites to share. agnès varda's selected program:

pickpocket, bresson
a woman under the influence, cassavetes
the marriage of maria braun, fassbinder
after hours, scorsese

so good. (favorites of mine selected by previous guests: almodóvar and bertolucci)

this is how i look back on the movies i saw

the great beauty
we are the best!
nothing bad can happen

the wind rises
the congress
tom at the farm
baby blues
the strange colours of your body's tears

our sunhi
in bloom
the sacrament
when evening falls on bucharest or metabolism
grand central
the strange little cat
my dog killer
jodorowsky's dune

little black spiders
vic + flo saw a bear

this list somewhat accurately describes the movies for me as i saw them through the fest. i determined their *s based on the list i was making and that's all. if you're list curious or idk, this isn't how the list would like on a future day or if all movies ever were considered. i've described my fest experience. thanks for reading this far (impressive imo)

max from fearless:
The end credits of The Great Beauty and the sometimes unhinged performances of the girls in 'We Are The Best!' (at times they seem to be having so much fun, in fact I haven't seen a film that is so much fun in years) just came to mind, as I read your post. Lovely films. Cannot wait to see 'Gloria'. You Tube recommended I watch the trailer for 'Manakamana' after I searched out the opening sequence for 'Post Tenebras Lux', and now it's up there with 'The Wind Rises' I gotta check it out, right?

imo post tenebras lux is "if only everything was this good" good, and manakamana isn't that good. they might share things somehow but artistically they're quite different. youtube was being racist

the tricky part will be to find a day when you want to watch manakamana. cinematic devices aren't used. there's so much cinema in post tenebras lux, and there's so much realworld sitting in manakamana. you watch people sit and travel up or down a mountain. that's what you do, 11x. that's the entire movie. i remember the people i saw and how they behaved and how people shared random traits and how the mountain was always interesting. it's a relaxing movie. i felt relaxed during it and so did the person i was with. we were surprised by how much we liked watching people sit, and we tried not to stare at a goat's butthole for a while (true)

we are the best! is solid gold fun, i agree. and i can't remember the last time i saw a childhood movie that felt that much like childhood


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