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Alternative approaches to entertainment distribution/consumption

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I don't understand the difference, but the A24 movies are the ones I end up loving. Way more than the "main" ones, anyway.
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I enjoyed this too much not to leave this here.

Alamo Drafthouse launches VerticalVision™ next-gen theater experience.

With backing from studios, #influencers, and acclaimed filmmakers like Paul Thomas Anderson, Austin-based cinema company unveils the world’s first Vertical Format theater.

“What I love about VerticalVision is just how tight the frame is, allowing you to focus on just the one thing you want the audience to see,” says THERE WILL BE BLOOD director Paul Thomas Anderson. “For too long filmmakers have been saddled with the constraints and extraneous details of widescreen – long live tall screen.”

Anderson is currently developing his first native VerticalVision feature, LONG TALL SALLY, starring Elizabeth Delbecki. The filmmaker says he’s also considering a host of other projects in the format, including JUMPIN’ JACKS, LONGING TO FALL, and HOW HIGH THE SKY.

"When CinemaScope was first developed in the ‘50s, critics claimed it would only be worthwhile for films about snake and trains," says Anderson. "I commend the vision of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in paving the way for the next cinematic frontier."

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