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the world's end

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Reply #15 on: September 04, 2013, 02:47:43 AM
also, just on an action movie level - this fell in the same trap as the first Hellboy and Attack the Block - the first confrontation with the Monsters essentially played everything out, then the movie just repeats itself by fighting the same monsters using the same gags over and over and over again.

If the first fight scene in the bathroom had only featured Pegg vs. one robot, instead of an all-out brawl, they could have saved some of those bits for later fight scenes. At times it felt like a SOTD/Hot Fuzz mash-up, with Scott Pilgrim anamorphic flares thrown in for good measure.

i'm curious how the movie would have worked without all the robots. i was quite enjoying it as a straight comedy prior to all that business.

Same here. Although SOTD and Hot Fuzz are two of my favorite comedies of the past few years, I hope Wright/Pegg would make a "straight" comedy without the background of a horror/action/sci-fi movie plot. The expositional elements of old friends reuniting, being stuck in the past vs. moving on, etc. are enough for a terrific movie in their hands.

Overall it was entertaining, funny, and well-acted, though by the end it sort of petered out.


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Reply #16 on: April 14, 2014, 08:43:58 PM
GOD the collaborations of Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg never fail to hide details in them only noticeable on repeat viewings. Some of you may have been quick enough to catch it the first time, but the principles last names are:


All roles in the monarchy which, in the end, seem to be there if only to support Gary as the King. I freakin' love it.